Strongly inspired by Apple’s design, their website is minimalist and elegant. For this work, I also worked on Apple’s identity and took inspiration from its universe.


Create the new Payever service: a marketplace builder.

My goals as a UX/UI designer

UX/UI design.

Marketplace is an online service for businesses that helps them create their marketplace and brings businesses and consumers together.

01. Welcome page

The purpose of this welcome page is to make people understand what a marketplace is at the first reading. It also shows that they will be the ones to create it.

02. Choose a name and a logo

Writing steps is dynamic, and it will help the client remember what they did and when. For this first step, they have to type their marketplace’s name and drag and drop their logo.

03. Pick a theme

The next step for the business owners is to select their favorite theme. I added a mention saying that they could still change it later so they don’t spend too much time on this page.

04. Upload your products

If the client also sells products, they can import them at this stage.

05. Dashboard

A dashboard is an essential point for business owners as it gives an overview of all the earnings and orders. They can also see how many people visited their marketplace, how many products were sold, and what the best sellers were. It can help them improve their future sales by identifying how their consumers interact with the products.

06. Marketplace builder

Payever asked for a builder similar to Keynote, but adapted to building a marketplace.


Once the product was designed, I worked on finding images and keywords to enhance this new service, in order to promote it online.